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Casually Wise


Our lifestyle and work merge into one creating the perfect mix between traveling the world while we create things that we love for us and for our own universes.

We are a couple that breaks paradigms, people who do not need a house or a vehicle to feel stability in their lives and every week transform a place in the world in a new office.

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Feather Avalanche

Mobile Game

A minigame for smartphones, with a really simple gameplay, cute characters and colorful screens with a little story.

Twosome pair: a couple’s tale


Web Comic with little funny, epic or sentimental situations in our couple life while we travel the world as digital nomads.

The Moon and The Fox


In a forest full of spirits a mysterious apparition appears that will bind the powers of the moon and a fox to solve this mystery.

The Future of Advertising Agencies


If there is something that every day I consider more absurd, is the existence of the bureaucratic business called advertising agencies.

Travelling with Kids: The New Norm

Tiny Tales of Comings and Goings

Travelling with kids around countries like Ecuador and Colombia is not the norm, not by any stretch of the imagination. But the longer we are on the road, the more travelling families we meet. While it may not be the norm at present; the tide is turning and more and more families are taking the plunge, moving out of their comfort zone and exploring the beauty this amazing world has to offer.

Good Clients are Real


I consider that designers and artists have a lack of self-appreciation because they think that good clients do not exist or that this “good clients” are just for the really experimented at the area and they consider that that’s what it takes to any designer or artist to place a good price to their job, but nothing further from reality.

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It’s time to show you the capital of the friendship and its surroundings, passing Yungay to visit Llanganuco.



After a few nights in Ica, a look at the famous Huacachina and a bus trip of four hours, we finally reached the city of Lima.

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Two months of adventures in Chile from the wetlands of Valdivia to the desert of San Pedro de Atacama only could leave us spectaculars images of a country rich in nature, people and traditions.

Reel 2015


This is our first reel, we have the power to create motion graphics, 3D Art and lovely Illustrations.

Mapfre Relax


Mapfre Panamá make a contest for this employers all the years……

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