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If there is something that every day I consider more absurd, is the existence of the bureaucratic business called advertising agencies.

In this world dominated by the internet more now than ever, with a new personal perspective to this field and after having worked for several agencies for a good amount of time I can say with property that are a complete waste of time for human resource that therein reside (Yes, reside) and an unnecessary economic investment by the big brands that acquire their services.

This system leads to constant exploitation of artists who do much of the work that is required and the very bad distribution of time justified by a salary, is completely illogical, most of the work is applied to employees in overtime schedules and in their “working” hours they should remain in office because his contract so speculation and also most of the work is created by a few but actually the real remunerate of these are the highest of the hierarchical ladder.

Big budgets charged to customers basically exist with valid excuse to keep the rest of the staff (not all the staff work for the projects) and structure that these housed sometimes just to maintain an image of formality that every day is less important and the fact is that the agencies themselves sometimes are supported by those who actually develop the projects.

This overstaffing is not only an economic waste is also a complete waste of time in the development of a project because must spend for countless heads (For rarely a natural leader exists, at least here in Latin America) before to reach the customer, being participants in these projects only by their ego in search of “participating in the ideas” and turning everything more useless and cumbersome.

With experience I can prevent hours are counted for this type of business, the re-evolution already is brewing and it is within the same advertising agencies is its irreversible niche, after taking a year working through Internet as a Digital Nomad directly to advertising agencies, I not only prove that it is completely unnecessary the presence of the designer in the office but can also be a cost reduction for the same, something very noticeable beyond this premise and what I already had noticed working as an intern designer is that the real work of communication with the client and the artists who create the content does not come from either the agency or creative, comes from account executives, people who meet with customers and in many cases they get them, which are responsible for communicating the idea to the artists who develop the project and sometimes are partakers of the same, they are not the owners of chess but party strategists, people who define as the re-evolution of advertising agencies and who are and those with the real control with the customer, development of the project and delivery of the same people who so far are the only ones who have contacted me remotely to the project requirements and even managed my winnings so I do doubt is all current bureaucracy really necessary to address the need of a great brand?

Many brands have already realized that and created their own small team in their offices or have hired one person out everything you need to manage, I see a future where executives either from a rented office, a coworker or home space manage all these great projects and with its list of freelancers or production studios will satisfy the needs of all its customers, this reduces absurd office costs, stress from artists who can do the job quietly from where they feel more comfortable, their homes, the increasingly common coworkers or traveling the world while communicating via the Internet with executives.

And you What do you think is the future of advertising agencies?

– Aender Lara