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After our week living at Santiago we truly went out very little due to the amount of work we had, I already had investigated on the internet the most searched places to visit from the capital of Chile and after reviewing the map a few times more I realized that the majority you can visit them in a day or less and turned out it was true, this is my guide of a tour at Santiago de Chile on a day, it will be very useful if you come to this city doing business and 24 hours is all you have to explore, also you must know that the only thing you’ll pay is the subway and that is if you see it necessary to take.

On this tour we’ll visit the Lastarria Urbanization, Santa Lucía Hill, The Armory Square, The Cathedral of Santiago and the Central Market.

It’s worthy to distinguish that you can do the tour the other way around.

Our adventure initiates by going to the subway station “Universidad Católica”, when going outside in front of us will appear the Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins way which we’ll walk for a few minutes until we cross at the José Victorino Lastarria street where we will enter.

Already at this point we are at the Lastarria Urbanization a very touristic and bohemian place, its biggest attractive is the night life and here you can find different activities. Continuing with the tour and following the José Victoriano street, we go to the left at the Rosal street.

After some minutes walking by the Rosal street we’ll have in front of us at the other side of the street the Santa Lucía Hill, to enter there we’ll have to cross the street and keep walking to our right skirting the hill and we’ll find some stairs which are the entry to the hill.

The Santa Lucía Hill tricks the eye a bit because to the naked eye it seems small and without nothing to do there, but after walking a bit over it you’ll realize it’s a lot bigger than it seems, the hill it’s found at the core of Santiago and it’s a cultural symbol of the city, at the top of it it’s the place where the conqueror Pedro de Valdivia founded the city on february 12 of 1541, starting the spanish colonial period.

The best to do is when you watch the elevator at the Santa Lucía Hill, do not take it, and keep following the path uphill because you’re not even half the way into it.

When we finish our path through the hill we should be at the other exit of the hill which is again in front of the Libertador bernardo O’Higgins we will walk until we’re at the “Estado” walk to our right where we will enter, this walk is after passing by the Libertador Hotel (Reference Point).

After a while walking by this walk we will be at the Armory Square, the Armory Square of Santiago was the main civic core since the city foundation by the spanish folk.

After exploring a while the Armory Square, its culture and attractives, we’ll found the Cathedral of Santiago its principal door is in front of the square, we can go inside and watch this majestic structure that has been restored with the centuries thanks to the earthquakes.

when we finish our tour we can get out by the back door or by the principal enter and keep following the track by the “Puente” path.

After a few minutes walking by the walk we’ll see the Central Market to our right, actually it’s an historic monument, its architecture is british built in 1872, here we can taste the chilean gastronomy.

Finished our walk through the Central Market, we only can decide where to follow our adventure at this big city, few meters ahead the market we have the subway station “Cal y Canto”.

Personally we didn’t do it but if you want you can start this adventure from the also famous and touristic Bellavista Urbanization, to get there you must come to the subway station “Baquedano” and walk at the San Cristobal Hill direction which is other touristic point of the city, and when you finish your walk through the Bellavista Urbanization you can go back to the station “Baquedano” and take the train to “Universidad Católica” or you can just walk to it by the Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins way because it’s near.

I hope that you enjoy this tour over Santiago as we did and please tell us about your experience by doing it.