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Tiny Tales of Comings and Goings


Natha’s Version: Our journey into mordor (The Monumental Lighthouse of La Serena, La Serena Chile) starts in Panama, a warm sunday morning near the wealthy and elfic part of the city, where the prettiest, whitest and tallest with european features kin reunites to drink coffee, we were invited here by the curiosity and the soft smell of the dark brown seed that attract us so much. Here is where I offer myself to bring the ring to Mordor.

I couldn’t help it, I prefer that than staying wrapped on uncertainty, carrying the nonsense work and with the responsibility of what could have been; Der in the face of my security decided to go with me in the journey, with his good spirit and solidarity… “Don’t go where I can’t follow…” he said whilst he was convincing himself on leaving amenities and attachments. When he realized, he had already made a decision.

Natha view of the road to La Serena Lighthouse

A month and two weeks later of this journey started, we finally enter into mordor, the how we did it it’s not important right now, but we did suffer a lot to get here the last days…

On our walk to reach the ultimate destination of the day something weird was happening, the ring was getting heavier, it cost me to barely raise my head and keep walking, the beach was transforming itself into a sea of sand, I was no longer capable of watching the ocean, the seagull’s sound and the waves were blending with my panting and the deep cough that left me without air… We stopped for a moment to eat in a good place, far away from the main road that exposed us to the dangers of the environment; but soon reality would slap us in the face and we realized: it was getting late, we needed to move on…

Back to the main road Der found a way to cheer us up and we broadcast a little of our energy live, it was good to distract me and the locals of my condition, we didn’t wanted to cry out what we carry with us (the one ring). It would be dangerous and we didn’t have the forces to contain it. The distraction did released a bit the road but when I raised my head I realized that there were still a lot to walk than I though, I almost faint, something took me, a form of indulgence that was new on this trip, I wanted to go back, I wanted to be safe for a while, I blamed Der of being there when it was me who wanted to be here. But I kept going in despite the several attempts of Der of going back.

And there was when walking through the fog, we did it, knowing that our final destination was the end of the day, I was decaying until finally arrive. The flu, sorry, the ring would cease to exist any time now, I would recover my old self and would be able to call the things by their name again…

Der’s Version: It was monday and we had arrived the day before to La Serena, we still carried a bit of the flu we got at Valparaiso, so for a change and not being locked in a room complaining of our condition all day, we decided to walk the coast and go to the Lighthouse of La Serena.

From our hostel to the coast there were about ten minutes walking, really close and about six kilometers to the Lighthouse.

Natha was exhausted during the whole traject, with plenty of cough and for a reason she didn’t stopped gabbing of some ring.

To cheer her up a bit I took her to eat on the first place where I saw something eatable, then to distract her a bit I told her to taste broadcast live with Periscope, something that worked and it was fun.

After a while walking between complains and failed attempts to cheer her up we arrived to the lighthouse, where I was able to leave Natha, to surround it entirely with the excuse of taking pictures, sorry, to take pictures while she rested.

After a couple of laps taking pics and filming the lighthouse, I took the courage to tell my beautiful Natha that we should keep going until we get to a supermarket, which I didn’t knew where to find, but every five minutes I told her that we were arriving there, as I watched the black screen on my cell phone pretending I was looking at a map.

After buying some items at the local market, we took a bus back to the hostel, Natha wasn’t talking of the ring anymore and we could rest.