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Tiny Tales of Comings and Goings


Although I thinked to write about this for new years, the time consumes me and I think is no better occasion to tell this than this day my 24th birthday.

Six months ago and a little bit more we decided to start this adventure by the south american continent, to live as digital nomads, work at distance and develop our new products, I feel good nowadays and I remember a few days ago I was talking to Nathasha and she mentioned that she wanted to live again days of her childhood, to what I jumped out and said to her that I have ever understood why people wants that, why yearning being kids again and I comment to her that I think it is the most absurd and pathetic thing that someone may have think, I personally will ever understand because I remember those days and I can tell you one thing and it is that I am everything I wanted to be as a boy, I always wanted to have independence and to make my own money to buy the stuff I wanted to have.

That thought took me 15 minutes later to analyze what it might be success for me and I realized that actually I travel the world, I meet new people every week, I work on my own projects, I have my own video game and many more to come, we have a comic that slowly is generating pennies and we’re preparing something since a year and a half ago and until this month is taking shape and it results in something visually spectacular, every month I wake up to see the sky from another point of the planet and I’m really happy working under that sky with the girl I Love, thinking about it made me realize that I am the person I wanted to be as a child and that makes me love my present and it make me want to meet my future.

Ironically I told Natha about it and she told me Hank Green made a video where he talked exactly about it, and how people congratulates him for all the success he has because he makes money and has fame, to what he responded that he was already successful before all the fame and money and it was for some similar reasons that I am exposing here.

So at this moment I only can wait for something and it is the pizza that Natha will cook and to say Happy Birthday to me from the Middle of the World.

– Aender Lara desde la Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador.