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Here you gonna find a list of our favorites apps used when we travel, some are free others not too much and if you have any suggestion share it with us.

Airbnb: Honestly one of our first options when looking for lodging, it’s not always the most profitable one but it’s the most comfortable one, what we really like about Airbnb is that you will lodge with people that live and breathe the city making the stay more home and friendly, some hotels have started to use the service turning the app to something more like booking.

Another of the facilities is the power of paying with my credit card from Panama although I’m in another country, because the purchase counts as an online transaction saving us all the taxes that apply on sending money from one country to another.

Tips: For getting better prices in Airbnb the best is to select exactly 7 nights of stay this way the system accounts it as a week and the majority of the users have less expensive prices for those who stay this long, if you select 6 nights the system will not account it like a week and this discounts will not be reflected…

Hostelworld: We have never been able to lodge with this system, we have even booked in two occasions and lost the reservation money because our planes always ends in another direction ignoring the booked destination, but this is an excellent option to find hostels for backpackers, if you’re like us really bad for booking directly, you can use it as a guide and search for the hostel by yourself, this method works better for us.

Couchsurfing: One of the best options at the time of looking for lodging without paying the lodge, because you ask directly to a person if you can stay a few days in their home as you’re passing through town on your adventure, in exchange you can (and it makes sense to do) offer help to cook or anything else that you think you can help your host if your thing is to burn toasts.

Tips: You’ll find lots of people in your destination but the reasonable thing to do is to write to as much people as possible at the same time because normally they don’t answer, answer late or they already are hosting somebody at the moment.

Workaway: Same as Couchsurfing this is an excellent option to save travel on lodging, the difference is that with this service you will officially offer work for lodging, at the time of looking for lodging you will know which tasks you’ll do at your destination and how many hours by day that normally are about five daily work hours for five days a week, anyway the kind of work, time of doing it and the type of lodge you’ll always define it with your host before going to it.

Unlike the other apps and webs, in workaway you’ll have to pay a membership of $29 per year. If you’re travelling through Chile a country where buses work perfectly, this is a great option for you and it’s better if you have some money saved in Paypal, here you might book your bus tickets in the big data base they have, the best part is that if you can’t buy the ticket because lack of payment method, it’s still a great guide to later go to the buses company offices to buy the ticket using cash. Actually they are expanding their trips even to Argentina.

Rome2rio: It’s an excellent option to decide how to travel, you can ask to the system how to get from one city from mexico to another one in France if you wish and the system will tell you what buses, planes or taxis to take to get to your destination, to us is really handy and we usually use it to know to what point to what point to take the buses and it will give you the ETA of every trip, the system also will recommend you hostels, airlines and buses to which it will redirect you if you wish to take them.

Busportal: An spectacular option to know which buses to take from one point to another but only in the Peruvian country and unlike to adquire your ticket online you must have a Peruvian payment method. But it’s still a great option to know to which bus company go to and the prices they handle.

Google Maps: There is no better option to find a place that from google maps, including restaurants or tyni locals can be localized and if they’re not you can create a route to them, but the best thing is that you can follow the route without having data or wifi, but previously you would have to define the route with internet before going.

Particularly to us it’s useful the fact that is pretty accurate with the ETA either on a vehicle or walking.

Tips: you have the possibility of keeping the maps offline of the places you will visit, this is not just useful to people that don’t have a chip, but it will let you save data when you open the maps while walking or travelling.

XE Currency: We truly do not give an extensive use to this app and we don’t search for another one because this does just the thing we need, obviously it’s an app that let us see the different money exchanges, but what it has that make us like it is the possibility of creating a list with all the currency we want and if at the moment your currency is the mexican peso, when you write the value in pesos it will tell you immediately its value in the rest of the currencies in the created list.

Skillshare: I must say that when you travel is hard to specialize in one subject, at least in a local university, but online you will have hundreds of pages to study anything you want, we particularly love skillshare because we found experts in one area, people that will show you their day to day in one class, from how to slice meat to how to create the corporative manual of your company or diverse areas of marketing, self-promotion and design, at the same time you can consult the teachers with questions.

Same as workaway you’ll have to pay an annuity of $96 to use the platform, it also has a free version but is not as fun.