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Visit tourist places in Chile can be really cheap, especially if you venture out on your own, here we leave you some places with details to visit this country full of fantastic landscapes.

Note that the numbering of the list does not represent anything really so we do not think that the first one is better than the last one, or vice versa.

Huerquehue in Pucon, truly one of the prettiest places you can visit and pay less than $10 entry, the truth is that the price is only $7.25 for adults and foreigners in high season. What it is is a really difficult place to get to, since it is advised to get the first bus of the day as there are very few of them, about three or two to be exact and you have those seven hours available to visit all three lakes. You can see our funny odyssey from beginning to end in Huerquehue here.

Caleta Portales in Valparaiso, is a really colorful place, much as the rest of the city but with a different charm, has a beach where you can swim and a dock which is the only thing you need to pay to enter, most people enter to fishing off the dock, apart from this the rest of the place is completely free.

The Botanical Garden of the Austral University in Valdivia is a must as well as the kunstmann bar if you visit this city, located on the Teja Island it’s really easy to get to but it is best to ask for directions when you get to University, the place is absolutely fantastic, big and free, with an incredible diversity of plants and colors.

The Third Millennium Cross in Coquimbo, is one of the first things you notice if you are in Coquimbo or La Serena and if you see the city in the distance, built by the Jubilee 2000 is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city, you can really see the foot of this cross by free, but if you want to go to the museum and climb up the arms of the cross where you will have an spectacular view of Coquimbo and La Serena you should buy a entry ticket.

The Japanese Garden in La Serena, a place with a time of entry and exit, really striking place to spend a day with the family surrounded by the attractive Japanese style with small lakes, fish, animals, bonsai and more.

The Saval Park in Valdivia, completely familiar place where you’ll be surrounded by nature at all times and you can do different activities, you can visit the Saval Park after leaving the Botanical Garden in Valdivia as it’s really nearby crossing the street.

The Eyes of Caburgua in Pucon is a really easy place to reach, you can ask in the town about the bus that’ll let you close to it, the interesting part about this place is the wall that actually divide the place because they have two owners and if you’re on one side of the place and you want to visit the other side you will have to make an spectacular turn to reach the other end. The place is accompanied by trails that will show you the Eyes and the Blue Lagoon both visually stunning and magnificent.

The Villarrica Volcano, is located between Pucon and Villarrica, more closer to Villarrica than of Pucon to be exact and what I like about this destination is that to visit this magnificent volcano you just have to take a bus from one of the cities city to the other and ask leave you off at the entrance, from where you can walk about 17 km or you can do the thing who all the people in Chile recommend that is to hitchhike, the hitchhiking works really easy to us the first time and were kind enough to let us on the slopes of the volcano and here you will notice that the place is really like going to the park and see families everywhere playing in the snow or young humans on their boards.

Santa Lucía Hill in Santiago de Chile, is like going every day to the square or the park, does not have an entry cost but has a magnificent view of the city of Santiago, it’s also bigger than you can imagine with structures left by the history and it will move your curiosity. Personally we created a list about how to visit this hill and other tourist spots in the city of Santiago in one day without pay to enter them here.

The Morro of Arica, has no entry fee and can be easily reached from the city downtown up a ladder or climbing by car, you could also take a taxi if climbing stairs is not your thing, from here you will have one of the best views of the city and its beaches, you can also access the museum in Morro which it has an entry free.