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Panama, Chapter: 1, …What if? I confess that the term nomad at first sounds like a hermit or a caveman and digital nomad sounds like something invented by a foreign man looking to define what his daughter or son does. Maybe the word had been born that way, we don’t know. What we do know is that we’ve just became ones.


We were on a cafe on a normal sunday enjoying breakfast when we realized something obvious: We were waiting our life to be settled; for a resolution to our resident visas, for a little apartment that meets our needs and for a credit to get a new motorbike… It was a feeling that our lifes were just getting a course… And that day we decided that wasn’t the course we wanted to be.

So why not to do what we always dreamed to do? To go and travel the world. What are the real limitations? What would happen if we just did it?, with that thought we came home and searched for a whiteboard and wrote the date: IN A MONTH, from that day we would be on a plane flying to a country we didn’t knew yet and carrying the title of digital nomads.

We looked for different places to visit, reading real experiences of people like us, with our same goals that really made it, besides the definitive date we wrote down a tiny list of what we thought at the moment was the things we must get done before that big day. Those 10 things became 30 by the time passed, but that was expected.


Now came that part in which we resign our day jobs, to the routine we had, it was fun to say we quit because it sounded like the fantasy of a kid that wants to become a Pokemon master… Try to picture it: “I’ll leave off to the world and work over the internet” (read as if you were 7). 15 days later we didn’t had office hours. Actually that came out true to us monday by 10am.

We aren’t too good managing time sometimes, and I say this because we bought the plane ticket a week after we said. But the good thing is by then we’d already done part of what we decided to do and we had the plane ticket to travel on june 1st.


The place? Chile!, we wanted to do Thailand, but our bank accounts had other plans and we decided because of our good and theirs to start by something closer to us and stay in latin america, at the end we pick Chile because our logic tell us we can start climbing up little by little between countries until we ran off the american continent; we begin doing the schedule, but we haven’t finished it (mind: finish schedule), but we selected as first destination Valdivia on the Chilean country.

You can tell that to this point the number of things we needed to do before leaving had grown proportionally to the time had passed, and our time-managing abilities between our freelance is really poor, we almost always leave everything to the next day, but we did it, at some point we did it.


To detach of things was something curious, I just can put it this way and it’s that my first attachment was to a skillet, YES, of all things I can think of what it first came to me was the skillet. After I realized to the other things I had.

We donated clothes: to do it was really fun, to begin letting go all those clothes we were sticked to and to get rid of every sense of belonging to it with the single phrase: “Why would you need it for?”. thanks to that phrase we kept telling each other it was easier to give out clothes, at the end there were 3 big bags of clothes, it may don’t seem like a lot but we didn’t picture ourselves with that many clothes.

This wasn’t the only obstacle, we also had lots of things, the abnormal quantity of garbage we accumulate was very normal for a human being. And obviously unnecessary. It wasn’t hard to get rid of it, we sent it back to Venezuela with the National Post Service, 97 dollars (yes it still amaze me) for sending 40 kilos of stuff, including the skillet. And it has the element of surprise we don’t know when it gets to its destiny. The trick here is that it’s not clear how to wrap the packages right… We were 4 hours at that office and around it trying to wrap them the right way. It would be very useful to get a little infographic of this matters on the wall at the post office. Interesting detail, we did it on friday before the day we left. So it was very amusing. We keep waiting for the package to show up.

And then the cat: Gollum Fernando José Lara Padrón, has a new caregiver to which it took to get used to her about 6 hours, it already ask for love. It is so simple, it just needs two things to live: Love and food, the problem is that it needs more love than food, Natha is patenting a spray-induced love can. Obviously this deliver the cat task we did it one day before our flight.


After leaving the cat we packed and we saw something not so obvious, we still had a lot of things… We did 3 more bags just as the same we’d already donated and I went out running next morning to give them. Yes the same D day morning.

Finally we made it, we took what we really needed in two bags and we are completely sure we will reduce that to half in a few months because we’ll see that lots of this things are unnecessary, but this only time will say.

This and other details happened in a month since that sunday we decided to make a 180° change in our lives.

Meanwhile people didn’t stopped to congratulate us and be amazed, always bringin the words “I wish someday to have the opportunity to do that”, to which I have to answer after a month of deciding to do this is: It’s not just the opportunity, the opportunities are there, it’s just we always want to plan it minutely so that nothing goes wrong. A number of problems that we had to bring solutions, our conviction to name the date was really supportive and we were completely focused to launch ourselves to the adventure. When you base your expectations only in what you see, you blind yourselves to the possibilities of a new reality.

Welcome to our universe.