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Villarrica, Chile, Chapter: 6


After the spectacular ceviche made it by our host in Valdivia gave us a desire to eat salmon again, so we decided to go down to Villarrica willing to get an spectacularly fresh salmon.

Villarrica No Salmon

In the supermarket we found that the fish section is really poor in variety and most products were mussels, so hopeful and with the head up we went out to the streets heading to a fish store we had seen on the road but it was closed when we got to it was still closed but we could ask two local girls in the next door who told us the fish market won’t be open today and the most closer place to go was a large supermarket about five blocks where we maybe could found our precious salmon.

The center of Villarrica

On our way to this powerful structure that would give us what we wanted we saw a few butchers very well stocked with different types of meat, at this point we were planning an emergency plan we were starving and it looked like a good option.

The center of Villarrica

Eltit was the name of the supermarket, had all kinds of product and the fish section was so little varied as before, even had the same scene of mussels, but we wanted the salmon so we did what seemed closer to fulfill our desire and was buying a completely airtight packing salmon and it was in a freezer.

It was not super fresh salmon we wanted but it served its mission in a splendid way.

Mapuche New Year

In the South of Chile we can find the Mapuches (People of the Earth), people with great customs and strength, the stories says that Spanish and the Incas couldn’t confront the Mapuche people, between its laws we could find that in times of war they had a leader and when the war ends they just turned the village leader.

Ruca Mapuche

Our stay in Villarrica was in the same time when the Mapuches celebrate they new year, this ceremony in the daylight consisting in a feast in the Ruca Mapuche who was at the center of Villarrica, the Ruca was where traditionally the Mapuches lived, in Villarrica we can find one that has been rebuilt to withstand the weather and the years and is now more touristy than anything else and this can get around a lot of Mapuche handicrafts.

Tambores Mapuches

The ceremony was really short and funny, also the ceremony was used to announce that changed leader and most of the ceremony was given in the Mapuche language so we were not able to understand everything they said, but it was a completely different and interesting experience to know this town of warriors and conservative.

Mapuches durante la ceremonia

Villarrica Volcano

Our adventure in Villarrica nearly ended and at this point we still had not visited the most colorful attraction that was its volcano, so we decided to get out of bed on a Tuesday and go to this little high adventure, more than Huerquehue but most simple.

Arrive was really easy we just have to take the bus that go to Pucon from Villarrivca and tell the driver we were going down in the crossing to reach the volcano.

After the bus left us at the crossroads we had in front of us the famous 7km, actually the real measuring was 15km, something that looked easy in our logic.

After walking ten minutes we realized that we’re never going to arrive to the volcano, so we follow the advice we should do hitchhiker and so, our beginner’s luck brought to us a couple of locals in the first try, who at the beginning offered about three kilometers closer but in the end with the comment “To don’t get a bad image from the Chileans.” they climbed us the 15 km.

Really close to the place where the autostop leave us.

At the foot of the volcano we decided to walk a bit between its snow and absorb some of its cold by sitting in the station of the Cable cars to skiers inactive for the moment.

View from the cable car station, with the Villarrica lake in the background.

The interesting thing about all this is that to see this monumental and natural spectacle with a view of Villarrica and its exceptional Lake we only paid the bus ticket.

For the descent we realized that the place is a familiar place since a little below where we reached the volcano was completely full of families and couples rushing from one place to another on snow or enjoying a different time.

People playing in the snow close to the first cable car station.

Our return was more difficult to do the hitchhike but it was easier to walk down and after a few kilometers we were lucky that a guy pick us up and we leaved in Pucon where I invited Natha to a coffee and lemon cake not I let her enjoy it because our bus was leaving in about five minutes, it was definitely not one of my more romantic ideas and Natha has them all in great detail here together and it was for us throughout this journey through the volcano.

Camino de bajada del Volcan Vilarrica, el mismo de subida.

Digital Nomads

With these two weeks in Villarrica we fulfill our first month as Digital Nomads, now we continue towards the north but not without really visit Santiago, the capital.

Was time for one overnight trip to Santiago de Chile and it was time to say goodbye to the family who welcomed us into Villarrica and soon began their trip to New Zealand where they would live now and where we hope to find them again.

From Villarrica we have the memory of its people, its weather, its nature and why not? its bakeries too, a place to visit again and like Valdivia would love to know its colors in Summer.

To the north.