Travel Diary


If there is something really obvious we are not traveling for a while and yes we are actually living for while in Montevideo Uruguay with the new hobby “Discover and cook new recipes” so maybe you will see a lot of food on our profile, the Profile of a couple of comic writers and game developers.

There are so many things about how we can choose this new way of living, but after five months I can tell you we miss a lot traveling and the volunteer jobs.

But the things we also love are our personal work, art and ideas, we are working together our comic series for “Tales and Fantastic Adventures that Does not Lead Anywhere” and that means we are rewriting “The Moon and the Fox“, also planning a new video game but that will go really slow, but is coming I swear.

We are still living as a 24-hour Freelancers, it is hard on this point of our lives to come back to an office, especially now when we are on good standing after two years working on this style of life.

In a couple of words we are discovering all the rules of this new country, cooking all that things we do not cook on the travel, having things, living the eternal fight of founding our own apartment and obviously creating epic things and new universes.

I think there is a lot of stories about our two year trip around south america to tell you and the experience we live as volunteers, adventurers, freelancers and a couple, just wait for it and obviusly there is a lot of photos and videos to show you and tell you this way of life style is hard but possible and awesome.

See you around and do not forget to be awesome.

Aender Lara from Montevideo, Uruguay.