Our lifestyle and work merge into one creating the perfect mix between traveling the world while we create things that we love for us and for our own universes.

We are a couple that breaks paradigms, people who do not need a house or a vehicle to feel stability in their lives and every week transform a place in the world in a new office.

Defined as a new concept of art study currently composed of 2 people that create digital solutions remotely for their customers while we walked around the corners of this planet without being anchored to an office in a specific location, but above all things we create our own products with the firm conviction that we live in times where every artist and designer can generate profits based on their own arts thanks to his fans and not by customers getting all this thanks to the advances of the internet which we see as new country for all who want to be Digital Nomads.

We seek to inspire all these artists who wish to travel, to demonstrate with our day by day that this lifestyle is possible, but also show to the sedentary artist who can achieve great things by itself without the need to be tied to an office or customer and if for some reason we inspire a company realize that keeping employees locked in a box makes them less proactive know that we have reached a new horizon.

We are firm believers that the universe is perfect and above all we know that what is desired is obtained.